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Incentive is a social intranet solution that integrates your company’s formal
knowledge with your people’s informal knowledge - all in one place.

Reliable social intranet for our various knowledgebases has been a life saver. Incentive has allowed us to take our in-house knowledgebase to the next level.

Jeff Neeley, IT Director
Atlanta, Georgia

Social Collaboration

Incentive is an all-in-one, downloadable software with tools for social collaboration and communication.

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Latest Press Release

Incentive Provides NATO Employees with Private Social Intranet

Private cloud provider keeps crucial information safe

"To start, Incentive will be used by close to 1,500 NATO employees around the globe, with plans to expand it reaching up to 10,000 employees."

Incentive in Media

"NATO Encouraging Intranet Collaboration for 10k users"

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is stepping up to using modern IT principles to connect the 28 collective security organizations that are members of the group.

"Do Swedes Know the Secret of Intranet Security?"

Is there room in the American market for another enterprise social intranet — especially one that could be more secure? Sweden-based Incentive Corp. thinks so.

"Incentive Gives SMB Intranets a Social Edge"

Incentive, a Swedish software startup that recently opened new digs in Los Angeles, aims to breathe new life into intranets by turning them into the heartbeat of SMBs.

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