Release notes and info about our releases

Incentive 3.3.1


This release includes 2 new apps. The Tasks app is a simple to-do list for you and your team, and the Feed app can be used to import data from external RSS or ATOM feeds.

We also added the Activity Stream widget to the start page. The activity stream contains all system events instead of displaying them in the stream mixed with shares from people you follow.

As usual we also fixed some minor issues and updated the rich text to editor to the latest version.


  • Added Tasks app for simple to-do lists
  • Added Feed app for importing data from external RSS or ATOM feeds
  • Added hover tooltip for displaying the names of people who liked something
  • Added option to sign in with username or email
  • Added search form in sidebar menu
  • Fixed system posts are not removed when related entities are deleted
  • Fixed notifications are not removed when related entities are deleted
  • Fixed fulltext index lock file is not released on shutdown
  • Moved edit profile link from bottom to top of sidebar menu
  • Moved system posts from share stream to separate widget
  • Updated TinyMCE to version 4.1.6

Incentive 3.3.0


This release makes some changes to the privacy level of Spaces. You can now create a space with one of the following privacy levels.

  • Open - anyone can see the space, its members and content. Members can contribute, others can only like and comment.
  • Read Only - anyone can see the space, its members and content. Only members can contribute.
  • Secret - only members see the space, its members and content.

This release also includes a BETA-version of our upcoming Video Conversation feature. In the BETA you need to be using the Google Chrome browser but we have plans to support all major browsers as soon as they support the WebRTC API.


  • Added functionality for real-time delivery of messages in a conversation
  • Added user presence detection, making it possible to see if a person is online or not
  • Added setting for controlling who can add or approve Space members
  • Added BETA-version of video conversations
  • Added form for admins to manage notification settings for users
  • Changed privacy levels for Spaces (Open, Read Only and Secret)
  • Changed Google authentication to OAuth2 instead of OpenID
  • Fixed pending users notification is created even if Auto Enable Users is checked
  • Fixed attach file event is posted in stream when saving a draft
  • Updated TinyMCE to version 4.1.5

Incentive 3.2.1


This release adds 2 new apps (docs and meeting notes). It also introduces a view for comparing changes between versions of documents, blog posts etc. We also fixed an issue where snippets of other people's conversations were sometimes returned in search results.


  • Added the docs app
  • Added the meeting notes app
  • Added diff view for comparing item versions 
  • Added functionality for deleting old versions of an item 
  • Added more than 100 new icons for apps
  • Fixed other people's conversations are sometimes visible in search results

Incentive 3.2.0


The main focus of this release has been the addition of conversations, i.e. private messages between 2 or more people. We also added some new features to improve space management and control space membership.  

This release also contains several other small improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added conversations, i.e. private messages between 2 or more people
  • Added function for requesting membership in closed space
  • Added functionality for taking ownership of a space that has no admins
  • Added functionality for space admins to grant other people admin privileges
  • Added configuration option for controlling the available privacy levels for new spaces  
  • Added functionality for viewing previous versions of an article or blog post
  • Added functionality for previewing a draft 
  • Added a print stylesheet for printing wiki articles, blog posts etc.
  • Added functionality for writing to another persons wall by @mentioning the user at the start of a share
  • Added better validation for file upload white-list
  • Added button in rich text editor for attaching a file
  • Added configuration option to restrict user registration to users with email from a specific domain
  • Added configuration option for controlling password complexity
  • Added more data to the usage statistics view
  • Added word count plugin in rich text editor
  • Changed the order of widgets on the start page (drafts before starred)
  • Changed default sort order on the People view so that user profiles without a name are displayed last
  • Fixed name of uploaded files contain the full path
  • Fixed embedded images are only visible for the creator of the embed
  • Fixed sometimes the rich text editor is not loaded
  • Fixed permission problem when restoring items from the recycle bin
  • Fixed error when editing user and email is incorrect
  • Fixed clicking a link in a notification toggles the read status
  • Fixed cannot unfollow closed/private space when no longer member
  • Fixed search button on start page is not aligned properly
  • Fixed license expired message is sometimes displayed at the wrong time 
  • Updated TinyMCE to version 4.1.3

Incentive 3.1.2


This release adds system messages such as "@user published an article", "@user joined a space" etc. to the share stream. The start page now also shows your starred items and drafts.

The notification system was improved by merging notifications to avoid the list of notifications filling up with similar messages.

Administrators no longer have full access to all content in an Incentive installation. This means they must join spaces just like regular users in order to see apps, items and files in a space.

This release also contains many other small improvements and bug fixes.


  • New layout on startpage with widgets for starred items and drafts
  • Better user interface for adding/removing people from spaces
  • TinyMCE was updated to 4.0.26
  • Added system messages to the stream
  • Added indexing of groups to make them searchable
  • Added a white-list for allowing only certain files to be uploaded
  • Added searchbox on start-page for mobile devices
  • Fixes embedding internal urls shows login page
  • Fixes email address is sometimes mistaken for @mention when autolinking messages in the share stream
  • Fixes administrators should not have access to private spaces
  • Fixes user cannot leave closed space
  • Fixes files attached to users and other entities does not inherit correct permissions
  • Fixes starred items sometimes displays both the published and draft version of an item
  • Fixes problem with indexing where adjacent words are concatenated, making the search sometimes not find content with certain keywords
  • Fixes link button behavior in rich text editor should be consistent
  • Fixes item attachments should be ordered by date
  • Fixes 'incorrect syntax near result' when installing the Incentive database on SQL Server 2012 Express Edition
  • Fixes UI settings form has no margin on small devices
  • Fixes wrong link on manage hooks page

Incentive 3.1.1


This release fixes some issues with installing Incentive in a virtual directory instead of as a root web application.


  • Fixes installation in vdir does not work
  • Fixes reply to message does not work when Incentive is installed in a vdir
  • Fixes table without clustered index does not work on SQL Azure

Incentive 3.1.0


This release changes the behavior of the share stream. Previously users had to join a space in order for messages in that space to surface in the stream. The stream is now based on the spaces and people a user follows.

It is now possible to edit meta data such as name and description for uploaded files. It is also possible to upload new versions of a file.

This release also contains many small improvements and bug fixes. See the list below for a complete changelog:

  • The stream is now based on the spaces and people a user follows
  • Uploaded .jpg-images are now automatically rotated
  • TinyMce was updated to version 4.0.21
  • Urls are automatically linked in rich text editor
  • Added indent, outdent and unlink buttons to the rich text editor
  • Administrators can send email with login details to newly created users
  • Added invite functionality to the People view
  • When joining a space the user now automatically follows the space
  • Added personal stream, a.k.a "the wall" to user profiles
  • People can be followed
  • Modified listing of files to display more data, e.g. which item or message it is attached to
  • It is possible to edit meta data for files
  • Files can be replaced with new versions
  • Added icons for many more file types
  • Added command line tool for updating database with schema changes
  • Fixes invalid license alerts
  • Fixes trashing/restoring a file does not update the attachment count on the parent entity
  • Fixes images get scaled when they should't
  • Fixes datetime picker bug where you could not select a time
  • Fixes content displayed in the notifications popup is not properly encoded
  • Fixes upload issues in Safari for Mac
  • Fixes link to document in rich text editor fails, empty href
  • Fixes a new draft is created every time save draft is clicked
  • Fixes embedded images with querystring in url gets wrong name
  • Fixes cannot link image in rich text editor

Incentive 3.0.1


This release fixes some IE9 compatibility issues. See the list below for a complete change log.

  • Fixes to make IE9 play nice with Incentive.
  • Fixed incorrect url:s in drafts view.
  • Fixed bug when re-linking items in TinyMce where the 'http://' prefix could be appended to relative links.

Incentive 3.0.0


Incentive 3 is here a brand new experience of next generation social intranet software. Incentive 3 is not just a new version of Incentive, it's a totally new product.

Incentive 2.7.2


This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes. See the list below for a complete change log.

  • Fixed bugs in ScrewTurn Wiki import tool
  • "Link to new article" can now contain special characters
  • Fixed faulty tag links
  • Fixed problem with creating links in Internet Explorer 11

Incentive 2.7.1


This release contains minor improvements and bug fixes. See the list below for a complete change log.

  • @mentions entered in message field are now autolinked when updating articles.
  • IE10 and IE9 running in compatibilty mode were wrongly identified as IE7.
  • Email notificiations regarding status updates and comments now include the entire comment or update.
  • When the license expires Incentive will automatically contact the license server and try to update the license.
  • The number of subscribers to a blog or article is now displayed.
  • Users can select personal start pages.
  • The print layout of articles and blog posts has been improved.
  • Users can specify their birthday. Upcoming birthdays can be displayed in a new widget.
  • It is now possible to name your installation.
  • The default HTML editor is upgraded to the latest stable version.
  • New policies available.
  • Fixed a bug that broke the search function in the move/copy article dialog in IE10.
  • Easier to invite co-workers when SMTP is not configured.
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when comments contained illegal characters.
  • Added shortcut to the help section in the top navigation.

Incentive 2.7.0


This release contains new features including Yammer import and integration, hierarchy for wikis, full width mode, minor improvments and bug fixes. See the list below for a complete change log.

  • Integrate your Yammer feed and post updates from Incentive.
  • Tool for importing information from a Yammer network into Incentive.
  • Hierarchy mode for wikis now allows the creation of nested content, navigated through a tree view.
  • Incentive can now be configured to run in full width mode which takes up the entire width of the screen.
  • Fixed bug that could occur when deleting users.

Incentive 2.6.1


This release contains a tool for importing information from ScrewTurn Wiki, minor improvements and bug fixes. Se the list below for a complete change log.

  • Tool for importing information from an existing ScrewTurn Wiki installation into Incentive.
  • Improvements to the Incentive setup wizard.
  • Extended default user profile fields (e.g. mobile phone, work phone, instant messaging etc).
  • Resolved a bug related to linking to a tag.

Incentive 2.6.0


This release contains major improvements to the subscription and notifications feature. See the list below for a complete change log.

  • You can now notify people by using the mention feature, eg @name.
  • Notifications are sent when people are mentioned in a status update or comment.
  • All notifications are visible on the profile page.
  • The latest notifications are visible in the navigation menu.
  • New notifications are highlighted in the navigation menu.
  • Improved formatting options in notification emails.
  • Add option to notify other users when publishing new content.
  • Optimized reading layout for wiki articles.

Incentive 2.5.3


This release fixes some minor CSS glitches.

Incentive 2.5.2


This release makes it possible to publish Incentive to Windows Azure Web Sites.

Incentive 2.5.1


This is minor release that fixes som small issues.

  • Cannot login with the new password after a password change (due to caching).
  • Disabled users should not be displayed in the People listing.
  • Cannot select code from embedded code snippets when using Internet Explorer.
  • Search phrases does not appear in the "type ahead" result as expected.

Incentive 2.5.0


This release focuses mainly on modernizing the UI and improving the user experience. We also removed som deprecated APIs and dependencies such as the Job Manager.

Incentive 2.4.3


The following features have been introduced in this version.

  • [232] Daily digest. Possibility to collect all mail notifications to a single mail sent on a specific time of day.

Incentive 2.4.1


Welcome to Incentive® version 2.4.1. This is a minor bugfix release.

  • [61] Custom pages doesn't work with "Save as working copy"
  • [63] Fixed minor issues with Who is who, Working copy and User status widgets
  • [64] New activation/registration workflow (for Web App Gallery)
  • [185] Add email address to the search user list
  • [186] Wrong encoding when filtering on type in the search result
  • [192] Preview error
  • [196] Check if/where we should have a call to HtmlTidy
  • [202] Attach file replaces entire article content

Incentive 2.4.0


Welcome to Incentive® version 2.4. This is an upgrade from version 2.3.x and consists of bugfixes and some new features.

  • Replaced default text editor with TinyMCE.
  • Replaced SQL Server Fulltext search with Lucene.
  • Added log4net to improve the logging possibilities.