Social Intranet Software

Make your intranet social and work more efficiently

"The many are smarter than the few"*

The true power of Incentive emerges when you bring more people together and collaborate

  • Access anything

  • All knowledge in one place

  • No more information silos

  • Cross collaborate

  • Unleash every co-worker's knowledge

  • Connect and engage with people

* From the book "The Wisdom of Crowds" by James Surowiecki 


Keep your privacy

Install Incentive behind your own firewall. Your business critical data is as safe as you want it to be.

Incentive Key Features


Everything in Incentive is searchable. One single search for all. 


Build Spaces for different projects, subjects and departments. Connect people and apps in various spaces.


Share your work in a simple way in the activity stream - the heart of Incentive.


Collaborate in wikis and blogs. Incentive comes with wikis and blogs. You can also build your own apps.



Source expertise, find skills and cross collaborate. Like, comment and share with people. 



Follow a space, a blog, wiki or an article at close hand. Also follow people. 

Social intranet readiness checklist

Are you ready?

This is how you know if your organization is ready for a social intranet. If at least one of these six things apply - you are ready. If more than two things apply - you should look for a social intranet provider now!   

  1. Would you agree that your company's greatest asset is the knowledge of your employees?
  2. Have you ever experienced heavy loads of internal e-mailing for daily routine matters?
  3. Do you often cooperate with coworkers, partners or customers that are far away from where you are?
  4. Do you have a previous bad experience of traditional intranets that were either confusing or seldom used?
  5. Is it important to you that you own your own business critical data and keep it safe?
  6. Would you like to be able to search your company for knowledge from one single point-of-entry?


All-in-one software - one single search for all


Search your company for knowledge from one single point-of-entry

Everything in Incentive is searchable. Incentive is for your company what Google is for Internet.

We help 1000's of companies in 100's of countries
waste less time and work smarter.

Share your work

Break down silos

  • Share your work in a simple way, where you are right now - or how you solved a challenge.

  • Stay current - Follow a project in real time.

  • Never feel disconnected.

Responsive Design

Use any device, anywhere.

  • Access directly through your browser
  • Optimal viewing experience in any device
  • Great complement to native apps

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