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ScrewTurn Wiki is not supported anymore. Import your ScrewTurn Wiki installation to Incentive - the #1 rated wiki app on Windows Web App Gallery.

Import your data from ScrewTurn Wiki to Incentive 2

Many ScrewTurn Wiki users are disappointed about the fact that ScrewTurn Wiki now is discontinued. No updates, patches or support is offered anymore.

That’s why we now release a ScrewTurn Wiki Import Tool in Incentive. The ScrewTurn Wiki Import Tool comes with Incentive versions between 2.6.1 and 2.7.2 and includes more than just wikis. If you only want to use the wiki-features, that is fine too.

Get a free trial-version of Incentive for up to 3 users. We want you to make sure Incentive fits your needs. 

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This is how it works

Try it & get started


First, try Incentive and get a feel for it and that it fits your needs.

If you like it - then install it! Get started by following our tutorials.

Incentive Wiki is built on .NET and follows the standards. Put your expertise to work and start building immediately.

Importing content

When you have Incentive up & running, then follow our tutorial on how to import from ScrewTurn Wiki.

If you need any assistance in the process contact us trough or by using our contact form.

Don't touch!

We do not alter your original ScrewTurn Wiki-installation in any way; it's still there safe and sound.

The import itself happens on your server. You own your own data - that is the beauty of Incentive.

Social business

Incentive is a full-fledged social business software that includes a very powerful WYSIWYG wiki-tool. Incentive also includes many other features - such as blogs, activity streams, search, and personalized dashboards. You choose what you use.

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